TULIP-Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy

Event Insurance

Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy, or TULIP, is an easy to use, fast method of insuring most types of events and activities taking place at various facilities and venues throughout the United States.

What is a TULIP Program?

The TULIP Program provides low cost general liability insurance to “third party” users of various venues and facilities for events. It protects both the user and the facility against claims by guests who may be injured as a result of attending an event.

Events may range from seminars, receptions and weddings, to sporting events and concerts. Your premium quote is based upon the risk associated with the given event or activity, the number of days coverage is needed, the number of attendees and if there are any special requirements, such as alcohol liability, food service, etc.

How does TULIP work?

  1. When you decide on a participating venue or facility for your event, the facility management will direct you to our website. Your facility should provide you a seven digit ID code that identifies the facility within our system.
  2. Follow our online process to enter this ID code and answers a few basic questions about your event to receive an online quote.
  3. If you decide to purchase coverage through the program, you can simply enter your credit card information and secure the coverage online.  We will even take care of forwarding you a Certificate of Insurance.

Before you begin you will need the following

Enter the Venue ID Code: 0501-CD9

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