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Training Division

Illinois police officers usually begin their career by obtaining their police academy certification. The Illinois police academies are (400) four hundred hours or (480) four hundred eighty hours. These academies are either 10 or 12- week programs. There isn't a difference between the 10 and 12- week certifications. A person/officer is not certified to work the streets as a police officer, until he has obtained the police officer academy certification. If a person has obtained an Illinois certification through an Illinois Correction Academy, this does not waive the Illinois Police academy. These academies are completely different academies. 

Illinois Basic Police Training Curriculum 400 hours 

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board 

Illinois Police Applicants 

Once an officer has completed an Illinois police academy and passed the State of Illinois certification exam, he is a certified Illinois police officer. It would not be necessary for him to attend another Illinois police academy, if another Illinois police department later hires him. The board maintains all Illinois police officers certifications. 

"Out of State of Illinois" Applicants 

A person that desires to become an Illinois police officer and is certified as a police officer in another state, may be hired as an Illinois police officer, however there are restrictions. First an Illinois police department must hire the officer. The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board will review the officer's prior training records and police academy training. The board will determine if the "out of state officers" training and academy will be sufficient to waive the Illinois police academy. 

If the board does not waive the Illinois police academy, the officer will have to complete the entire Illinois police academy. If the board does waive the Illinois police academy the officer will only be required to complete certain mandatory training to become a certified Illinois police officer. If the officer has the Illinois academy waived, usually he will only be required to complete a (40) forty hour Illinois criminal law police course, mandatory firearms course and other courses to certify or re-certify him in certain fields. 

All waiver candidates must pass a 200-question equivalence exam with a passing score of at least 70%. If all of the requirements are not met, the officer will be required to attend the full Illinois basic academy. 

Police / Continuing Educational Training 

Once an officer is certified by the State of Illinois, he is required to obtain continuing educational training. There are (3) three certain training sessions that are required annually for all Illinois police officers. These training sessions are firearm qualifications, hazardous materials training and blood borne pathogens. 

There are many other training topics and sessions that may become "mandatory training" throughout the year. The police departments usually have mandatory training such as new laws, or law updates. Officers usually receive CPR certification bi-annually. 

The Alton police administration selects certain officers to obtain a variety of select training. There are many reasons to have selected officers specially trained in certain fields. Some officers may desire the selected training, while other officers may not want to be trained in that particular field. 

There are specialty divisions, which include the Investigations, Traffic, Support Services, Training, Information Technology Officers, DARE Officers, School Resource Officers, Crime Prevention Officers, Telecommunications and Crisis Intervention Team Officers. These officers usually obtain many special training sessions to enable themselves to be productive in their divisions. Sometimes the officers may have new or updated training, in that there are new laws and or changed laws. These officers usually maintain the communication highway to the patrol officers, with law changes and updates. 

Many training areas do not require all officers to be trained in that particular field. There are many fields that only require a certain amount of officers to be trained in these particular areas, therefore some officers on each patrol shift will maintain the certification in these selected fields. 

A few of these areas would be: Breath Alcohol Analyzer Operator, Crisis Intervention Team Training, Juvenile training, Hostage Negotiations, Defensive Tactic Instructors, Tactical Team training and Telecommunications. There are many more specialty training sessions, however there are far too many to mention. 

There are many training sessions and agendas that officers can request from their department. Some of these training sessions may be taught several times a year in different locations throughout Illinois. Some training may only occur annually. Some training sessions may be held only for special occasions. Some of these training agendas would include; Crime Scene investigations, Search and Seizure, Law updates and Firearm training. 

Many traffic officers obtain special traffic crash courses. These courses include; Traffic Crash Scene Investigations, Technical Crash Investigator courses, Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic Crash Reconstructions and Advance Radar training. 

The Investigators usually attend special courses that include; Homicide investigations, Blood Splatter courses, Advance Crime Scene Investigations, St. Louis Major Case Squad membership and training, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Tactical Team training, Search and Seizure, Interview and Interrogation techniques, Criminal Law up-dates and Fraud investigations. 

Field Training and Evaluation Program 

An important part of the training program is the Field Training Officer program. There is a specific program that all new hires are assigned and must complete. The Field Training Officers (FTO's) are the Street police officers that agree to train the new recruits which recently graduated from the police academy. The FTO's follow a training outline for each week that a recruit is assigned to them. With assigned weekly training, each recruit will receive the assigned training during their training program, even when they are transferred to a different FTO. Each recruit will receive the same assigned weekly training, even when several different FTO's are used for training recruits. 

Once a recruit graduates from the academy, the recruit will be assigned to a FTO for (16) sixteen weeks. Each recruit will have a minimum of two different FTO's. The recruit will be assigned to one FTO for the first (8) eight weeks, then he will be transferred to a different FTO for the second (8) eight week period. The FTOs evaluate their assigned recruit each week. The recruit will work with the FTO on the streets for a minimum of sixteen weeks, before the recruit may start working the streets as a solo patrol officer. 

If you have any questions about the Alton Illinois Police Training Department please contact: 

Sgt. Jeremiah Dressler

Alton Police Department
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