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Alton Police Department
1700 E Broadway, Alton, IL 62002
(618) 463-3505

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division of the Alton Police Department encompasses a wide variety of services all designed to help maintain a safe, pleasant community for the citizens of Alton. The Support Services Division includes several areas that help the police department function on a daily basis.  These divisions are all supervised by the Interim Deputy Chief of Police, Lt. Jarrett Ford.

Training Division

The Training Division oversees the training of all officers, corrections officers, dispatchers, and civilian staff.  The Training Division schedules training, designs training topics/courses, maintains all training records, and ensures all employees have completed necessary training to fulfill state required mandates.  The Training Division is also the liaison for the department with all police and correctional academies, all new employees, and oversees the Police Cadet program.  The Training Division consists of one officer being Sgt. Joel Bromaghim.  He can be reached at 618-463-3505 ext. 661.

K9 Program

The Alton Police Department's K-9 Program is one of the best in the area.  The department currently has three K-9s and handlers.  Click here for more information on our K-9s and handlers.

Internships, Police Cadets, and Police Explorers

The Alton Police Department has a wide variety of programs aimed at educating youth and young adults in building life skills and exploring careers in law enforcement.  Some of these programs include our intern program, police cadet program, and police explorer program.  Click here for further information and applications for these programs.

Records Division

One main and very important division is the Records Division, which is responsible for the processing, filing, and retention of police reports, traffic crash reports, arrest reports, and numerous other documents.  The Records Division also assists in the registering of sex offenders, receiving and processing Freedom of Information Act requests, compiling department stats, collecting various fees, and completing paperwork for the release of impounded vehicles.  The Records Division is managed by Records Supervisor Kim Dever.  She can be reached at 618-463-3505 ext. 642.

Public Information/Media Relations

The Public Information Officer (PIO) serves as a liaison between the police department and the media. This unit is staffed by one officer who acts as a confidential aid to the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police in matters of media and may attend meetings on behalf of the Chief or Deputy Chief as directed. The PIO can be any officer appointed by the Chief of Police to perform this function. The current (PIO) is Sgt. Emily Hejna.  She can be reached at 618-463-3505 ext. 644.

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division has many duties besides writing traffic citations. They investigate all serious and fatal traffic crashes, conduct follow up investigations of hit and run accidents, remove abandoned vehicles from our city streets, conduct traffic studies for the city administration, and coordinate all city parades and special events. The Traffic Division is also responsible for the fleet of police cars and communication equipment.  The Traffic Division is managed by Sgt. Emily Hejna.  Click here for further information about the Traffic Division and traffic safety.

Community Services

The Alton Police Department strives to provide services to our community in the form of programs that help educate, organize and directly assist the citizens of Alton in taking proactive measures to make themselves, their homes, their property, and their neighborhood more safe and secure. Click here for more information on these services.

Crime Free Housing/Nuisance Abatement Task Force

The Alton Police Department also has one full time officer, currently Officer Riney, devoted to assisting the City of Alton Building & Zoning Department with various nuisance properties and tenants.  The Crime Free Housing program aims to work with landlords and tenants to better understand the requirements of being a landlord/resident in Alton while also working with them and holding them accountable for issues at their property.  The Nuisance Abatement Task Force comes together when needed and visits problem properties that are causing quality of life issues in our neighborhoods. These problem properties could be suspected drug houses, areas of prostitution, properties with junk and trash, derelict cars, or nuisance animals. The task force is made up of Alton Police Officers/Detectives, Building and Zoning Officers, and Animal Control.  

Please feel free to contact the Support Services Division if you have questions or concerns regarding any of our services. 

Lt. Jarrett Ford
Interim Deputy Chief of Police
(618) 463-3505 x621

Alton Police Department

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