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Alton Police Department
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Jail / Booking

Welcome to the Jail section of the Alton Police Department web site. The Alton City Jail is very unique in that we are a municipal facility that houses both State and Federal prisoners. We are the only municipal facility in the State of Illinois that houses both. Federal Inmates are housed at the Alton City Jail in accordance with contractual guidelines established between the City of Alton and the United States Marshall's Office. 

The Alton Police Department created the position of Jail Administrator in 2003, when the Alton Police Department first began housing federal prisoners. The first officer appointed to the position of Jail Administrator was Sergeant Richard Gillespie, who held the position until 2005. Currently the Jail Administrator is Lieutenant Gary Cranmer. It is the duty of the Jail Administrator to oversee daily operations of the jail and the jail staff. Six corrections officers, all of who have completed the Corrections Academy, staff the jail. Each Corrections Officer is also provided annual in-service training. 

The Alton City Jail has 27 adult jail cells, 2 juvenile cells and 4 holding cells. All but the 2 juvenile cells and 2 of the adult cells are double bunked, creating a capacity for up to 53 inmates. The holding cells hold several individuals each are used as a place to lodge prisoners prior to being booked and placed in a cell. Occasionally, the holding cells are used to lodge any inmate that might be combative, or considered to be a suicide or health risk. 

The adult cells are arranged in three separate cellblocks, male, female and federal. For obvious reasons male and female inmates are kept separate as are State and Federal prisoners. In 2008 the jail booked in 8131 people, which is an average of approximately 22 per day. We also average approximately 18 Federal inmates per day. 

The jail is equipped with the latest in “jail” technology. The office of the jail, as well as the Patrol Command Center, are equipped with a digital camera system that allows the staff to view the jail hallways, cells and doors. The cameras allow the staff to virtually view every inch of the jail and booking area. The Jail Administrator also has video monitoring access at his desktop computer that allows him to view these same areas. All cells and cellblocks are equipped with infrared cameras that allow the Corrections Officers to monitor the interior of the cells and cellblocks both day and night. 

Both the Illinois Department of Corrections and the United States Marshall’s Office perform annual inspections on the Alton City Jail. The Department of Corrections’ inspection consists of two separate inspections, a municipal jail inspection and county jail inspection. This is because the Federal cellblock falls under Illinois County Jail Standards and the remainder of the jail falls under the Illinois Municipal Jail Standards. The United States Marshall’s Service performs a separate and independent inspection of the entire jail facility. 

Visitation at the Alton jail is Monday through Friday, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for State inmates and Saturday or Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. for Federal inmates. 

Should you have any questions regarding the Alton City Jail or it’s operation, please contact Jail Administrator Lt. Gary Cranmer at 618-463-3505, extension 663, or   Click here to email Lt. Gary Cranmer 

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