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city of Alton, Illinois
101 E 3rd Street Alton, IL 62002
(618) 463-3500

Community Policing Policy Plan Draft

Community Relations Commission


Acting Chairman: Cindy Lolley

Kimberly Clark Wade Dobson
Cory Davenport Al Womack 
Cindy Lolley Sarah Robertson
Rodney Caffey Marquato Rattler 
Chief Jason "Jake" Simmons  

Meeting Date:

1st Wednesday of each month

Meeting Time:

5:30 P.M.

Meeting Location:

Scott Bibb Center (1004 E. 5th Street)


Rodney Caffey 618.463.1928


The purpose and duties of the Community Relations Commission shall be as follows:

To promote equality and justice, and to secure an end to discrimination by reason of religion, sex, age, physical or mental handicap, political affiliation, race, color, creed, national origin, income, marital status, sexual harassment or sexual orientation.

To provide communication between City government and citizen groups and individual citizens; to promote harmony among citizens in all ways possible.

To encourage and recommend wise adjustments to social problems and opportunity, including, but not limited to, equal opportunity in housing and employment.

To study the nature and causes of prejudices in the City, its ordinances and policies and to make recommendations for improvements

To receive and research complaints involving discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, age or handicap.  The research of such complaints may be delegated to a department head.  In conducting its research, the Commission shall all public records available to them which would be available through a Freedom of Information Act request along with participation and cooperation of department heads.

To initiate investigations into areas of possible discrimination which come to the attention of the Commission although there may be no individual complaint.  These class based investigations, after the Commission's fact-finding research, may be issued as a Community Relations Commission report and shall be placed on file with the City Council and City Clerk and shall be readily available for public inspection.  The Commission may make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for mediation or formal court action to end discrimination it may find as a result of its investigation.

To assist in the development of public information and programs aimed at enhancing the life of City residents and eliminating discrimination.

To assist City Departments in establishing and maintaining good community relations and to serve all segments of the community in an equitable and professional manner.

To adopt rules for the transaction of business and make arrangements for the taking and preserving of minutes of all meetings in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Open Meetings Act.  The Commission may appoint any subcommittees it deems necessary to carry out its purpose, however, those subcommittees shall be subject to the provisions of the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

The Commission shall submit quarterly reports to the City Council.  These reports shall consist of Commission's activities, complaints filed, outcome of any said complaints, and any recommendations to the City Council.

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