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city of Alton, Illinois
101 E 3rd Street Alton, IL 62002
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Information Technology

Jarvis Swope

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IT Director
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Network Administrator
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Support Hours

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M

Please call (618) 463-7059 to schedule a time. In most cases fingerprints can be done anytime between the hours of 9:00AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday.

Live scan is an inkless electronic system designed to capture an individual’s fingerprint images and demographic data (name, sex, race, date of birth, etc.) in a digitized format that can be transmitted to the state central repository (Illinois State Police) for processing. The data is forwarded to the Illinois State Police (ISP), Bureau of Identification (BOI) over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and then processed by the ISP’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Once received at the BOI for processing, the inquiry can then be forwarded to the FBI electronically for processing. All of this occurs within minutes and results in a biometric identification of an individual with little or no human intervention.

 There have been a number of advancements in livescan technology over the last ten years. Live scan fingerprint technology provides a fast, easy way of capturing fingerprint images and transmitting them to get a quick criminal history record response. Live scan operators do not require in depth training in order to roll a good set of fingerprints and do not have to be versed in the science of fingerprinting to successfully utilize live scan equipment. Today’s live scan devices are equipped with error checking software that reduces potential fingerprint quality errors. Live scan technology is widely used among criminal justice as well as many non-criminal justice agencies that submit fingerprints to the state and/ or FBI for processing. The overwhelming majority of fingerprint submissions received by the ISP and FBI are submitted electronically utilizing live scan technology.

 Major advantages of utilizing a live scan system include the ease of use and the speed in which fingerprint images and demographic data can be captured and transmitted and positive identifications made. Fingerprint impressions are taken by placing an individual’s fingers against a glass platen and scanning them. The scanned images are digitized and packaged with the demographic information that must be keyed into the system. Both sets of data are then electronically forwarded to the ISP’s AFIS system for processing. Most live scan submissions are processed and results returned within 48 hours. The criminal history response is returned to the requesting agency based on their Originating Identification Number (ORI), not the live scan vendor capturing and transmitting the fingerprint submission. Another benefit of live scan technology is its built-in quality assurance component. As fingerprints are scanned, the device determines if the fingerprint images are rolled completely and in the proper sequence to meet minimum quality control processing standards. When using the old ink and roll method, poor quality prints could not be determined until they had been sent through the mail to the BOI and processed by a fingerprint technician. The manual submission and processing of fingerprint cards always increases the potential of errors and results in increased response times.

 Fingerprinting Fees

Submission Type

Electronic/Live Scan

Resubmission Fee

Fee Applicants
(fees effective August  1, 2018)

State Only 



FBI Only 



State & FBI 



National Child Protection 
Act/Volunteers for Children Act and 
Adam Walsh Volunteers 



Uniform Conviction Information Act Requests
(fees effective August  1, 2018)

Name-based Inquiry 



Fingerprint Card 



Expungement or Sealing Petitions and Court Orders and Subpoena Processing
(fees effective August 1, 2018)

Petition to Expunge or Seal Criminal History 


Court Order to Expunge or Seal Criminal History 


Subpoena for Criminal History Information 


Access and Review Information

Viewing and Challenging Criminal History Records

Fingerprinting Forms

Click here for the LiveScan Waiver Form

Click here for the Legislation Matrix

 Fingerprinting Matrix

Reason for Inquiry

Purpose Code

Reporting NCIC Issued ORI FBI Access

Physicians & Nurses

Physician's License PHY IL920704Z YES
Physician's License by Endoresment PLE IL920704Z YES
Registered Professional Nurse RPN IL920630Z YES
Licensed Practical Nurse LPN IL920630Z YES

Private Security, Locksmith, Fingerprinting

PERC - Security Guards SEC IL920020Z YES
Live Scan Fingerprint Vendor LFV IL920020Z YES
Locksmith LOC IL920020Z YES
Private Alarm Contractor PAC IL920020Z YES
Private Detective PSA IL920020Z YES
Private Security Contractor PSC IL920020Z YES


Bank Charter, Pawn Brokers BCA IL920550Z YES
Humane Euthanasia HEA IL920650Z YES
Massage Therapist MTH IL920680Z YES
Illinois Racing Licensing RCB IL920120Z YES
Carnival and Amusement Rides UCIA NFP/FP Check ILLUFP000 NO
Explosive Licenses DMM IL920500Z YES
Liquor License Applicant LIQ Multiple YES
Mental Health Applicant MHA Multiple YES
Military/Ntl Guard Background Check ASF Multiple NO
Public Adjuster Licensee PAL IL920702Z YES
Public Housing Applicant PHA Multiple YES
Pyrotechnic Distributor PDA IL920690Z YES

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Caregiver or Patients are not required to be Livescan Fingerprinted anymore. Click here for more info

Cannabis Cultivation Agent CCA IL920710Z YES
Cannabis Dispensing Agent CDA IL920711Z YES
Medical Marijuana Caregiver MMC IL920709Z YES
Medical Marijuana Patient MMP IL920709Z YES


Chiropractic License CHI IL920704Z YES
Chiropractic License by Endorsement CLE IL920704Z YES

Federal Laws

Adam Walsh Act (Employee) AWA Multiple YES
Adam Walsh Act (Volunteer) AWV Multiple YES
Natl Child Protection Act NCP Multiple YES
Natl Child Protection Act Volunteer VCA Multiple YES

Child, Family & Adoption

Early Intervention Services EIS ILL13612S NO

Conceal Carry

Firearm Concealed Carry Instructor CCI IL920707Z YES
Firearm Concealed Carry CCW IL920707Z YES

Health Care

Health Care Nursing Home Resident Check Name Check Only Multiple NO
Health Care Worker Background Check HCW Multiple NO
Health Care Nursing Home Resident Check - Identified Offender RNP IL920701Z YES
Non-Emergency Transportation Vendor NET IL920600Z YES

Govt Employees

Chicago Navy Pier/Expo Ctr LGE ILL13337S YES
City-Village Employees-Licensing LGE Multiple YES
Fire Fighter FMN Multiple YES
Employee of any State Agency STE Multiple YES

Med. School Matriculants

Public School Matriculants MSM Multiple YES
Private School Matriculants UCIA FP Only Multiple NO

School Inquiries

Certified School Employee CSE Multiple YES
Chicago Board of Education CBE Multiple YES
General Education EDC Multiple YES
Non-Certified School Employee NSE Multiple YES
School Bus Driver SBD Multiple YES

Vehicle Services

Charter Bus Driver CBD Multiple YES
Commercial Transportation Vehicle Relocator CTV IL920510Z YES
Drivers Training Instructor DTI IL920620Z YES
Recovery Permit Licensee RPL IL920510Z YES
Sect. of State Employee CTV IL920060Z YES
Vehicle Dealer Licenses VDS IL920660Z YES

How to get started

  • Bring a government–issued photo ID
  • Bring the fee of $50.00. We accept cash, check and credit card. A $2.00 fee is applied for using a credit card.
  • We will capture your fingerprints and supply you with a copy of your form with your Transaction Control Number (TCN) you will need for your particular application process
  • Your fingerprints are sent directly to the Illinois State Police where they are processed and sent to the appropriate agency.

1. What if my fingerprints were rejected at the Illinois State Police level?

  • You must come back and get re-fingerprinted and pay the fee of $50.00 cash again. If you were sent to be fingerprinted by a school district for a full time position, they will typically cover this cost.

2. What if my fingerprints were accepted at the Illinois State Police level but rejected at the FBI Level?

  • You must come back and get re-fingerprinted as FBI only which is a $10.00 cash fee. If you were sent to be fingerprinted by a school district for a full time position, they will typically cover this cost.

3. What if my fingerprints were rejected a second time?

  • MOST of the time, we are able to do a name based check with two rejected fingerprint results at the Illinois State Police and FBI level. However, some professional licenses require you to be re-fingerprinted until they decide to do a name-based check themselves! Feel free to contact us with more questions.

4. What if I lost my fingerprint receipt?

  • You may come back and get a copy of your fingerprint receipt or call and receive the TCN over the phone. Many Professional Licenses require a paper copy of the receipt to be mailed with all other required forms.

5. I was fingerprinted for one professional licenses, can't you use the results for a different one?

  • No. Your fingerprints are captured and sent for one specific purpose, whether it be for substitute teaching, concealed carry or an IDFPR license. You are issued a TCN which reflects that single purpose. You must be re-fingerprinted for any other professions.

6. I have been waiting on my fingerprint results for weeks, what is going on?

  • Fingerprint results can take up to 30 days to be processed. If you feel as if you have waited long enough, you may call the Illinois State Police customer service at 815-740-5160. Press 2 for customer service. Once you get a representative, you may present them with your TCN and ask about your results. You may also call us at the Regional Office of Education.

7. Will the photo you took during my fingerprint process be applied to my Concealed Carry application?

  • No. The photo was taken for your fingerprint file only

Please call (618) 463-7059 to schedule a time. In most cases fingerprints can be done anytime between the hours of 9:00AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday.

The address is 101 E. Third St. Room 204 Alton, Illinois 62002 

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