Are you looking to make your move? The Alton Police Department is the right place for you. We are looking for experienced Police Officers who are looking to take the next step in their law enforcement career.

Whether you are looking to be an investigator, crime scene technician, K-9 handler, SWAT operator, or Field Training Officer, we offer it all! Come join our family!


  • Must be currently employed as a full-time officer with a minimum of two years of experience
    previously employed within the last 12 months as a full-time officer with a minimum of two years experience and laid off for budgetary reasons
    previously employed within the last 90 days as a full-time officer with a minimum of two years of experience
  • An Associate’s degree or 62 college credit hours
  • Age 21 not yet 35 (45 if honorably discharged from the military)
  • Applicants must have successfully completed the probationary requirements in their prior position as a police officer.
  • Residency: must relocate to a designated area surrounding Alton within 90 days after the probationary period.
  • Physical: Vision (in both eyes) not impaired more than 20/60 correctable to 20/20, and normal color perception, proven by appropriate tests.
  • Applicants must meet the physical, mental, and psychological requirements of the position as tested by the Civil Service Commission.
  • Applicants must provide documentation that they have fulfilled the requirements of the Illinois Police Training Board to be certified with no more than 40 hours of additional training required by that Board for certification.
  • Must successfully complete a twelve (12) month probationary period.
  • An accredited police academy certification from another state must be approved by the Illinois Police Training board to qualify.

Click here for further information about the requirements to be a lateral transfer police officer and job description.- PENDING UPDATES

Click here for the lateral police officer application.


Once an officer has completed an Illinois police academy and passed the State of Illinois certification exam, he is a certified Illinois police officer. It would not be necessary for him to attend another Illinois police academy if another Illinois police department later hires him. The board maintains all Illinois police officers’ certifications.


A person that desires to become an Illinois police officer and is certified as a police officer in another state, maybe hired as an Illinois police officer, however, there are restrictions. First, an Illinois police department must hire an officer. The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board will review the officer’s prior training records and police academy training. The board will determine if the “out of state officers” training and academy will be sufficient to waive the Illinois police academy.

If the board does not waive the Illinois police academy, the officer will have to complete the entire Illinois police academy. If the board does waive the Illinois police academy the officer will only be required to complete certain mandatory training to become a certified Illinois police officer. If the officer has the Illinois academy waived, usually he will only be required to complete a (40) forty-hour Illinois criminal law police course, mandatory firearms course, and other courses to certify or re-certify him in certain fields.

All waiver candidates must pass a 200-question equivalence exam with a passing score of at least 70%. If all of the requirements are not met, the officer will be required to attend the full Illinois basic academy.

For further information concerning the lateral entry police officer program, you can contact Deputy Chief of Police Jarrett Ford, at 618.463.3505 ext. 621 or email him at