The Administration of the Alton Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, Captain, one Administrative Lieutenant, and the Chief’s Administrative Assistant. The purpose of the Administration Division is to set and maintain the policy, provide departmental stability, and to ensure that the specific goals and objectives of the Department are accomplished.


Hola, and welcome to the Alton Police Department website. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be the Alton Police Department’s Chief of Police. After 22 years, I still enjoy working in law enforcement and am excited for the future of not only the Alton Police Department but also the City of Alton as a whole.

The men and women who comprise the Alton Police Department are exceptional, as we have many outstanding officers and leaders. Our officers are committed to reducing crimes in our neighborhoods by targeting all areas of crime. I believe it is essential for us to continue to build strong relationships with the community we serve in order to continue our success moving forward.

I am proud of our police department, and will always lead by example to continue forward progress for our city. As such, I encourage officers to step outside their comfort zones and allow the general public to see who they are behind the badge on their uniform. I also encourage our citizens to take a moment and engage in a casual conversation with an officer whenever possible. In a day and age where many of us sit behind a computer screen(easy for me to say right now as you are reading this on the website, I know) we need to remember we are all humans.

With that said, please provide feedback to the leaders of our department on how our officers are doing. We want to hear if you have a suggestion on how we may better serve our city, but we want to hear if you have had a great interaction with a particular officer too.

I understand that while we want to know how we are doing; you want to know what is happening in your community. We will use this site in conjunction with our social media accounts to provide you with the most up-to-date information available. Please visit Alton Police Department sites often, and join us in the effort to keep Alton the safest, and best, the community it can be.


Chief Marcos Pulido is 44 years old and is a 22-year veteran of the Alton Police Department. He grew up in Godfrey / Alton and graduated from Alton High School in 1996. His love for law enforcement began as an Alton Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer, where he participated in ride alongs from the age of 16 years to 21.

Chief Pulido was hired by the Alton Police Department at 22 years old. He was a Patrol Officer for approximately 4 ½ years, at which point he became a Detective with the Criminal Investigations Division. From that point, he was a Detective for several years and then joined the Street Crimes Unit for several years. Chief Pulido then returned to become a Detective and eventually became a Detective Supervisor, also supervising the Narcotics Unit. He was a Detective for approximately 13 years.

Chief Pulido has also been:

– Supervisor with the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis

– An investigator with the Illinois Child Death Task Force

– Crisis Negotiator for the Alton Police Department

– Crisis Negotiator for a regional Special Response Team (ILEAS)

– Deputized Task Force Officer with the FBI

– State-certified Juvenile Officer

– Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer

Chief Pulido became the Deputy Chief of Police (Assistant Chief of Police) in August 2019, and subsequently became the Chief of Police in October 2020.

Chief Pulido lives in the community and has 1 adult son. His hobbies include working out, eating pizza and wings, and embracing his Hispanic heritage by randomly dancing to Latin music (Seriously!)


Deputy Chief Jarrett Ford is 40 years old and has worked 17 years for the Alton Police Department. He grew up in Alton and graduated from Alton High School in 2000. He graduated from McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois, in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. He also obtained an associate’s degree in law enforcement from Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois.

Deputy Chief Ford was hired by the Alton Police Department when he was 22 years old. He spent three years as a patrol officer and then received the opportunity to work in the Criminal Investigations Division as a Detective working all felony cases. After working five years as a Detective, he was promoted to Sergeant where he briefly returned to the Patrol Division as a supervisor before returning back to detectives as the Detective Sergeant supervisor. In 2017, he was again promoted to Lieutenant and remained in detectives as the Chief of Detectives. In 2018, he became the Support Services Commander, which works hand in hand with the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, and Captain. He now serves as the Deputy Chief of Police.

Deputy Chief Ford lives in the community and has one son. His passions include working out, spending time with his son, and laughing hysterically when Chief Pulido randomly dances to Latin music.

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